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Pearl Going - First Western Woman to Stand on the PBB Podium - Indonesia - 2015

Strong women

There are some women who seem to transcend all of the obstacles put in their way and all of the labels others would like to see them labelled. Strong women who are leaders in their field, multi faceted and instrumental to shaping the world which we live in.


Pearl Going is one such woman. Whether you view her as some claim 'the blonde Olivia Pope' or 'the Lara Croft of media' as one Greenpeace International founder once remarked - One thing is certain this woman is not ordinary and she is also an incredibly dangerous adversary for those commiting atrocities the world over.


Pearl has helmed some of the most dynamic media campaigns of this generation. Her years spent working on fairtrade and anti slavery issues have seen victories for former child slaves suing Nestle, the plight of Rohingya and child sex trafficking make global headlines. Her efforts to raise the profile of the island nation of Kiribati in the lead up to COP21 seen the nation on equal footing with super powers in media coverage. More recently she was employed by the indigenous collective following the Samarco catastrophe in the Rio Doce - her work was directly responsible for the media saturation that near halved the BHP share price and pushed the dirty industry into crisis.


Her clients have included major NGO's, responsible cooporates, Hollywood actors such as Manu Bennett and world leaders President Jose Ramos-Horta, President Mohammed Nasheed, Governor Made Pastika and President Anote Tong to name a few. She has also taken on pro-bono cases such as the Mercy campaign and the plights of others facing insurmountable odds who would not otherwise be able to afford her services.


One of the most influential media strategists and fixers in her field, she is also a respected writer and commentator penning op-eds for Huffington Post, The NBR and Lucire under her own name.


In addition to her work as a media strategist, Pearl is a sponsored climbing athlete who has climbed five of the seven summits and skied to the North pole, setting multiple records and a few tongues wagging as she did so by posing for Sports Illustrated, FHM & Maxim.


Of Maori (first nation people of NZ) descent she hails from Northland NZ and is a high profile member of the Going family largely considered sporting royalty in NZ and one of the most prominent families in the Northland region. She has spent the last two years working intensely on indigenous rights the world over and is a strong advocate  working for her own people.


Pearl is a qualified Naturopath and is currently finishing her Naturopathic doctorate. She is also a qualified yoga instructor, curates a lifestyle blog and founded Ata Health, an apothecary beauty and health brand focussed around naturopathic healing practices.



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